Hapi VR Quick Intro 1 minute

What we do

With our platform, we will produce and livestream 360-degree video content in high resolution. This engages viewers in an immersive, real-time experience. The high-resolution streams also allow computerized (AI) analysis that yields new insights.

Until recently, this would not have been possible. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, professional-grade 360/VR cameras with advanced capabilities are now affordable. High bandwidth solutions like 5G and (upcoming) WiFi 6E assure timely delivery of content. AI/Machine Learning services currently available can parse video streams quickly and distill their new findings.

Applications span the gamut from the healthcare and education sectors to specific areas like virtual, real-time guided tours, or the “Being-There”- ness for special events like the Tokyo Olympics, Presidential inauguration, or a relative’s wedding. Immersive experiences, rendered remotely, can be precious.

The problems we will solve

COVID-19 has caused significant disruption worldwide. We could not visit our hospitalized grandparents at their bedside. Simple transactions, like paying a parking attendant, became risky. Schooling was interrupted, and teachers had to adapt to new ways of providing instruction quickly.

Overcoming the effects of this pandemic will take some time. It will be at least two more years before the vaccines are tested, approved, and widely implemented across the general population. Even then, the “new normal” will require us to check our innate urge to belong in a crowd. Our natural desire to travel to new places and learn about local history and culture will need to be balanced, and at times, suppressed.

It is in this context that our technology will enable essential services. It will bring the comfort of being at a family member’s bedside. A driver will be able to enter and exit a parking garage without stopping, and tour guides will continue their narrations as participants join in from their homes. High resolution (8K) video and livestreaming make critical contributions: A doctor preparing the hospital’s emergency team, for example, can get a detailed look from afar. Of course, many other scenarios across sectors hold tremendous potential and await further explorations.

Nimble architecture

Our platform is unique because of its flexibility and ability to provide a positive experience for each user and viewer. If the users can’t or won’t use the headset, the images will be available on a computer monitor or a smartphone. On campuses like large universities or hospitals, we can stream intra-facility and not need a 5G connection. No “face tracking”: We will exclude  AI components from the system design when working with sensitive sectors like education. And if some customers are not able to engage with the live-streams, a separate recording can be made available so that they can participate at their convenience.

About us

We are seasoned professionals, well-versed in computer vision, telecommunications, and AI technologies with a track record of delivering customer delight. As we observed the rise of VR along with the associated hype, we could see how it could be useful in many other ways besides games. We formed the company in late 2018 and adjusted our focus after COVID-19’s emergence to address some unmet needs.
Our values include

  • “Building Trusted Relationships,”
  • “Mixing Boldness and Passion with Fun and Humility,” and
  • “Celebrating Shared Successes Large and Small.”

Our business approach has us engaging with proven leaders in each sector so that we add compelling value for the solutions they offer to their customers.

Our Team

Founder and CEO Atul Salgaonkar is a technologist with 20+ years of engineering and business experience: half at startups and the remainder at world-class companies (HP, Fairchild, Motorola, Intel, DirecTV, and Optum/United Health). Based in San Jose, CA, and a frequent traveler in the past, Atul now Zooms, Google-Meets, or Skypes as needed. When his calendar allows, he writes on Quora and Medium.

Our small core team is geographically distributed and brings, in addition to tech insights, a robust understanding of finance and sales. We have also set up a Board of Advisors for harnessing guidance.

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Contact Info

For queries (from humans) about our vision, our architecture, and our business model as well as details about the company’s cap table, intellectual property, and funding, please reach our CEO at atul (dot) s (at) HapiVR (dot) com.

For general questions, please fill out the contact form or send a note to info@HapiVR.com.